Thursday, 8 May 2014

What's the point?

I thought that since I was being so implicit in flooding he Internet with unwanted, unwarranted and unimportant opinions I should take a moment to introduce myself and what I was hoping to do with my little plot of web based real estate.

Who wouldn't be scared
of that mullet?
The first film that ever scared me, as far as I can remember, was Labyrinth. I'm not sure how old I was, less than ten for sure, but I was freaked the fuck out by David Bowie and his cod-piece wearing, baby kidnapping escapades. When it came to proper horror I would say that it was definitely David Cronenberg that took my fear cherry. I watched The Fly on an old TV late in my room whilst my family slept and it the only time I can ever remember having nightmares directly because of a film. Seeing Jeff Goldblum, or Dr. Ian Malcom as he was better known to me, throw up acid on a man's foot was an image that got burnt into my brain. 

This image still creeps me out
So enough nostalgic self indulgence for now, the question is why the fuck would anyone care what I think? Well I guess they shouldn't. All I hope is that I can write reviews that are entertaining and might convince someone to watch a good film they may not have have heard of. I started writing for and have written live music reviews for and decided to focus my attention on my true passion. Although I have already found myself ripping in to well intentioned film-makers more than I ever intended, I would never discourage anyone from watching a film. I have my own tastes and opinions and I feel it is just as important to watch things you don't like as much as the things you do. I never start a film hoping it will be bad, I start them hoping to find some new horror gem that has gone under the radar. If I pull something apart but it sounds appealing to you never the less then go watch it and if you think I'm wrong come back and let me know. I place links on each review for where you can download, rent or buy the film in question.

Credit must always be given to any film-maker for having gone through the process of making a movie, it's more than I've ever been able to do in spite of scraping my way through a Film Production Technology degree. I still feel everything deserves to be judged on the same level though. Whether a big budget, indie, art-house or studio production the standards of good film making are the same. Originality, creativity and ingenuity are concepts that transcend budget or experience.

I also feel the age of the film is irrelevant. Old films are no less open for discussion and criticism now as they werewhen they were first released. Watching them from a contemporary point of view is important in order to see how they translate for modern viewers. There are plenty of old horror classics I haven't seen yet and look forward to delving in to and deconstructing.

Runs In Rivers will cover all sub sections of horror film with a larger focus on the more underground, indie and extreme wherever possible. I am open to any suggestions, submissions and comments about the site or anything I write. Please feel free to get in contact and, if there is anyone reading my garbled attempts at criticism thank you. I hope my criticism will always be balanced and fair if not facetiously flippant most of the time. Go check out my recommended section for podcasts, websites and youtube channels I like and I hope you like Runs In Rivers and all there is to come.

Thank You


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