Thursday, 8 May 2014


Here is a page of links for stuff I like, some horror or film based and some just stupid and funny... and Mayo's Film Review (of course):

Radio Five Live brings the flagship film show with the legendary Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo. A must for any film buff both in podcast and the YouTube channel. Check it out if you haven't already. Mark Kermode used to write for Fangoria magazine and has some serious horror credentials.
Bloody Good Horror:

A decent horror website but the podcast is great. Each episode deconstructs a film at a time. They have a habit of going on a bit sometimes but it's always really interesting and funny from a bunch of guys who definitely know their horror history.
The Faculty of Horror: 

Super interesting podcast from a couple of Canadians (eh) which is unashamedly intellectual. They delve into the psychology of horror and the social impact of horror narrative in society. It has the ability to make you re-think films in the best possible way. Proving that a film's impact and relevance doesn't end on the DVD release date.

Hammered Horror:

A couple of British guys in the pub getting pissed and chatting about horror films... Need I say any more?

Nothing to do with horror but funny as fuck. A must for any old school gamers. Really brilliant.
 Games Grumps:

Used to feature the above mentioned JonTron, some seriously hilarious old game play-throughs.
Glove and Boots:

I'm a sucker for some good puppets... and these are fucking great.
PBS Idea Channel:

A great YouTube channel that deconstructs modern pop culture in a clever and insightful way. Never scared of over thinking and applying social theory to subjects as diverse as Hello Kitty and Zombies
Bearded Dragons;

Because they are fucking awesome.

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