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I was asked by a good friend of mine if I could recommend any genuinely scary films, he was wondering if such a thing still exists. I thought this would be a good blog post for a couple reasons. Firstly to open a few people up to some films they may not have heard of or seen, and secondly to give an idea of my tastes and what I think makes good horror. I set myself the rule that they all have to be made since the turn of the millennium, so this is by no means a comprehensive list, but I just wanted to prove that there is still good horror being made. Modern horror is not just The Conjuring and Insidious bullshit we see in the cinemas. 

So if you disagree with all of these then let me know and if you think there is anything I've missed (I know there are) then please let me know, I am always looking for more films that can get under my skin. Leave a comment, there is a contact form in  the side panel or e-mail me at 

Trollhunter (Trolljegeren) - 2010

A Norwegian found footage film about... Troll hunters. A really nicely and beautiful done found footage monster movie that is a pure pleasure to watch. Filmed as the Blair Witch before it, by student film makers researching into poaching and the deaths of bears in the area. Has a great sense of humour and played out brilliantly, maybe not so scary but beautiful and smart.

Antichrist - 2009

Just a work of pure genius. Lars Von Trier's best and most controversial work (except maybe The Idiots). It is creepy and disturbing on a truly visceral physical level. If this one doesn't get under your skin in one way or another then there is something wrong with you. Again, absolutely beautiful, a masterpiece of film making.

Kill List - 2011

Creepy British horror film from the excellent Ben Wheatley about some ex-soldiers turned hitmen who uncover a dark secret. Really understated and creepy with brilliant performances. Slightly distracting for any Spaced fans is the fact in stars Michael Smiley, or Tyres as he is better known. That doesn't distract from his brilliant performance in a clever little film.

Maniac - (2012)

A remake of a 1980 exploitation film of the same name most notable for being shot from the first person perspective of a deranged serial killer played by Elijah Wood. Brilliantly shot and deeper and more disturbing than most serial killers movies are willing to go. A perfect example of a remake done right. Check out my review here.

Martyrs - 2008

French torture porn with brains. A film described by my girlfriend as "the one with all the screaming and crying" it is a tough watch that really pushes the boundaries. The best thing is it really has something to say it just says it with some fucking harsh words. Also I have to mention my ridiculous crush on Mylène Jampanoï, nothing like seeing a girl slit her own throat with a stanley knife to really win a guy over.

Switchblade Romance (High Tension, Huate Tension) -2003

Another French one (ok I'm a ponce, I admit it), this time a slasher film with brains. Now that I think of it also centre on two female central characters in the same way as Martyrs (I'm starting to see a pattern). Again visceral and disturbing but with an intelligent central conceit. 

Inside (À l'intérieur) - 2007

A French film about a woman... Damn it! All together now, a home invasion story with brains. A pregnant woman is tormented and attacked by a woman who's motivations are mysterious. The unrelenting violence and torment in this film make it another difficult watch but it's masterful craftsmanship raises it above so many similar films.

The Borderlands - 2013

Another well made found-footage movie based around an investigation into a supposed miracle in a run down West Country church. Slightly let down by some over acting but proving that found-footage can be clever and scary. I'm still not convinced it couldn't have been just as, if not more scary conventionally filmed but hey, it's great as it is still.

The House of the Devil - 2009

Ti West's best in my books. The story of a girl at college who answers an advert to be a baby sitter in a creepy old house that seems to be holding some horrible secrets. A really slow burner that is definitely worth it. The tension that runs all the way through the film is brilliant created through fantastic cinematography and editing all enhanced by it's retro aesthetic. 

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